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tuesday did nothing. afternoon class was cancelled. went to accompany zen to tamp.
i guess what, idk what to blog about. and what to write about. currently mood furious.
furious of tht mtf. freak! i curse you dying in car crash i tell you! dumb arse. bastard!
for goodness sake, ure not human either. i totally abhor you okay! N-I-C-O whose was
once my lover, but now my hater. yeah, hater. reason, he just sux to th max. ass-hole!
bet you regret and suffer twice as much as i am feeling currently . thank god fr meeting
me with zen. life would be more worst without zen, really. hes like to me, double th 10x
better as much as tht moron, son of a bitch! i dont care if he reads this. to hell yeah i
fucking dont care. so what. owe me like alot of things, then, to cover up, u go complaint
to your dad. dumb arse! just admit tht since last time cnt handle own prob. like duh =_=
and thts why u complaint it to your dad. lame. this is really lame. as lame as i am,
i even can handle prob on my own. moron, jerk! say wdeva u wanna say, i to th core dnt
care. woa, cant believe i wrote like one paragraph about this moron asno. tu imbecil! puta!

to those lovers, my reader. yeah i know you guys should be thinking what had happened.
well, its a pretty long story. for short, i got betrayed. to th girls, position yourself in me. im
sure you'll know how it feels like to be betrayed.

but anyway, looking in present, i love my living right now. its just so awesome i can say.
let th past be a lesson to me. i know this time im not gonna do tht my biggest mistake.
by loving th wrong person blindly and end up, wasted $$$ and tick-tock-tick-tock. sigh.

hmm, seems like i've written quite long enough post today. its just random if ya guys notice.
in th first place i've got like nothing in my head to write about. out of blue, i know what to write.
whats more eh, well, i wished i could type something more. but then, due to public view,
therefore i have to think bfore i write. especially to anonymous or anyone (:

idk what else to post about. uhms, maybe about my current bf. yeah. its up to you guys to read.
im just writing this to express it to text based on whats on my mind currently. so, my current
bf was just so awesome i can say. as some of u who doesnt know tht i broke up already, heres
th official announcement. since June, 25. and im already attached on August, 7. nice number
actually, 789. haha. alright, back to th top, this my new bf, zen, was just like really what i wished
for. this is frm my personal point of view of him. hes thoughtful, caring, loving, faith & trustworty.
cnt figure out how i fell fr him so deeply. yeah, im so madly deeply inlove with this guy, zen! haha
he nver leaves me so broke. thoughtful is what i seen in him. he loves to treat me alot of things.
which is highly so damn much appreciated. i got pampered by him alot. how sweet it was when
every single day without fail he fetch me frm sch. which i didnt expect this much actually in a
guy. but really, i felt glad and rather so much thankful for having this kind of bf like zen. th way
he treats me is just like what my friend, farah said, "tisha, you deserve better" end up, i think
this is really like a total heaven. i get what i want. and mostly, my wish is granted. cnt believe
it. its like wdeva im wishing fr is all in zen. i would love to share alot of things he has done fr me.
but its a littlebit hard to start. hehs. he gave me gifts on 1st monthsary. he gave me his ring.
not only tht, he gave me heart plush which is smkind like thts his heart. hehs. and, lastly, he gave
me th love tht i nver felt bfore. so beautiful to be inlove.

i shall stop here. th more i continue. th more th feeling feeling my post will be. hee =D


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