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friday had a day out with zen, cha & an.
first, met zen at hgm, then go ljs bedok to meet cha & an. had lunch together, thanks zen fr th treat, then off to vivo. slacked and then off home. it was fun. but just tht im pretty lazy to write up long long passage. im tired. its like i felt daily i've been out. no rest. *sob-sob* shoulder pain. arse the hole, no off. everytime do hse work at home. sigh.

hmm, what more i can write. lets see. hmm. ah, after i went home, and bfore tht, thanks zen fr sending me back home. alright, after home, do some stuffs. and back otc. bcos of chatting, i guess, tht why i late blogging. haha. in th meantime, myra called me, asked fr help. omg, i felt like im myra's personal IT consultant. haha. really. cos when she got prb about comp, she ask me. haha. thts funny. well, not she alone. still have some friends asking me fr help too. heres an offer, if yall need help on comp, find me. i'll help as much as i could (:

now im writting th 3rd paragraph. frm nothing to write, i've written something to write. haha.

im really tired now after just finished th chatting session with zen, shah & tasha. it was like frm 1 i guess, till now, 5. yeap. we talked crap. its only like only crap ppl are certified to join th session. haha. alright, i shall stop here. shoulder really pain. not going out tmrw & sunday going out with family i guess.

take care friends and reader! have a nice weekend :D
bye ~


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