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changing of new tagboard. previous one i sealed it in wardrobe. haha. any comments, leave it. spamming, haha. old times. alright, but anyway. today im not going out. stayed home. was really tired. i wished to go out, but then, im tired. oh yes, im starting to plurk more and more. plurk to me is just like my current "what am i doing". fr friends whom wish to keep track of know what im doing, u may just scroll or read my plurk. basically, tht'll be my current doing/activity.

left just like a week more to sch re-open. and still, proj 2nd part not yet started. haha. how brilliant was tht. left a week baybeh. gonna spend my last week of holiday wisely. wednesday gotta be my special day. -my monthsary. ahha. it was random. didnt know wednesday was monthsary until zen told me. all bcos i picked wednesday a day to go out. but at th same time, didnt realised it was on th 7th. haha.

gotta meet ezum this week. get 2nd part proj done. and wala!
still need study hard fr coming semester. i gotta aim fr excellent gpa.
attachment coming soon. whats more, idk. ezum, meet soon!

chalobeyteh! ~ / meet zen tomorrow, meet zen tuesday, meet zen wednesday.
busy timeline on coming weekdays.


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