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today class end freaking early. which was arnd 10 i guess. hmm, then went to slack in school fr awhile. was about to go ezum's hse. but didnt. was postponed to other day since i have plan on tht particular day. had breakfast together with classmates. phathetically, i dnt understand why i laugh terribly while i was eating. ahaks. kinda funny. its like, each time i sees ezum's face, i just feel like Lol. yeah, Lol. no idea why. but just felt it tht way. hahah. so aft lunch, sat fr awhile, and then off to meet myra. thres birthday surprise fr th bf. haha.

i reached there at 12pm. ohmg, wait fr her like queuing up to buy sistic tx. damn long. i had to wait fr like nxt 2hrs. then she and her friends arrived. gooosh. ahuh, so, after th birthday surprises and song, im just surprised, im th one who cut th cake into pieces. haha. nvm. but anyway, th cake was pretty delicious. chocolatey taste! hehe. somehow like brownie like. had everything done. took photos and off.

i didnt went home, instead, slacked at myra's hse. wooh. superb! :D ate rice + prawn chilli + lemak chilli padi. maqnifique! nice cooking. exactly like my mom. haha.

right after then im off to sim lim by cab. haha. afraid im gonna be late. oh yes, i bought new stylus too. hee. went off to drop at hgm by cab together with zen. and then, im off home.

ooh, thts zul & hasyir, myra's bf. haha


this is really pretty hard. haha.

no caption.

taken by outsider. and i love this :D

2nd shot.

i feat myier[a]moi :D

this was taken by me. it was random.
& myra likes it. haha. her fav. haha.

smile!!~ hehe.


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