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first, went to school in th morning. & im early. just on time. hehe. thres something on. supposed, i have no school on friday. but nvm. tcher request me to come down. so, i have to come. sigh. till like 1030, wea dismissed. oh yes, i saw my picture with those friends participating th ibm thingy, in th room. wooo. how funny it was, thinesh request to print it & display in th canteen. haha.

so, after school, went home, eat, changed. then off to zen's house. stayed fr an hr, then went off to towning, orchard. thanks so much for th OCK treats. haha. then, went to food republic, wisma. had dessert. thank you zen. (: after tht, went off to vivo. walk around. and then, to pasir ris park. walk around also. then, surprisingly, saw something smoky red in colour around escape theme park entrance. and so, i went it & omggosshh. it was th "Escape th "Hell"oween". cool ; awesome. yeap. damn cool those peepos there, i mean, th helloween models, were dressed up so nicely. esp those freaky ones. it looks so real. they make ur surrounding as if u were in l4d game. y'know, th zombie2 part?. ah, tht part. it was sooo really look real. th mummy, look so real. she devil. whats more, bomberman, retard man, many many more. those freaky2 ones. wish i bring my cam. sadly, i didnt take any pictures. tmrw is th last day. nvm. wish they have this fr nxt year.

thres this part, one of this guy, with drum roll on him, kinda freaky, cos th face was make up with red colour and those gotta do with blood colour. he came near me, a lil freak, bcos of th face. haha. and i was Loling, bcos, he went to knock his drum thts hanging on him, and then, zen was like looking at him, and went to knock his drum. tht point, he was like, wtfreak. haha. but funny actually looking at his face. like hes tryna tell me, "how come hes not freak" haha. wish they have this kinda interesting event next year. i'll sure be coming if it happens tht im free. :D

right frm there, took bus went off to hougang int & off another bus, off home.
im tired. didnt have time to on9. sorry guys.


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