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im currently having this damn irritating FLU. makes me sneeze more & more. mum said, eat medicine, tmrw, dnt need go school. i told her, i have school. too bad.

today school really slack. came school in th afternoon. supposely starts at 8. but i came at 1pm. power. next, in class, do nothing, just help to assemble some stuffs. after tht, went canteen, had lunch. and th next good thing, "no class". i was like. wooh. no class again. haha. after tht, went to meet remy & faizin. and then off seperately with ezum.

took train together with ezum's friends. went to ezum hse. and then, met zen. and thanks zen fr th cab. then, met bro at th stage. omg. i gt hypnotized again. fr twice. haha. serioushit, im gon learn hypnotizing soon when im free.

alright, im off to sleep with this irritating flu tht makes me sneeze on & on.~


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