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finally. mom came back home with bro frm geylang market. 1930 =_____=

so, went to get ready to go out. meet zen soon. and yeah, suddenly my last day of holiday was great. haha. spent th night with him chillaxing at ecp till almost midnight. went out at 8pm, off to salon, get my hair done. hehe. yeap. i did smtg with my hair. only zen & my family knew abt it already. i shall not share now. maybe its kinda surprise frm me to you guys when i upload latest pictures of me since school is starting tmrw. sigh. again, school. morning, wake up. gawd.

but anyway, after salon, met zen & went to stage, opp mac to meet bro. after awhile, went to kovan nel station. zen said, "at kovan can top up concession" but then, i was freakass and didnt believe what he told me. cos, ive nver been topping concession there. even though it was distance away frm my hse. hahs. yeap, and end up, omg, in my head was thinking, "i didnt know kovan nel can top up concession..i thought cant." haha.

done with that, since nowhere to go, so off to ecp fr fun. slacked there. and almost midnight, off home. i reached home at 12.30am. power. haha. my last day of holiday. so yeah, spent th night with him.

chatted with ezum, wooh. superb man! jyeah. each time chatting with her can nver go right without a crap and laughter on my face. haha.

thanks fr sending me home. im sooo gonna miss you alot dearie!~ twice damn much.
zen, goodluck fr ur attachment on monday & best of luck! :D


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