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was a pretty disaster day fr me. really mad with my tcher. total dammit.
i knew i was late. stup tcher, called me up, asked me to rush & end up, when i reached th class, he said, "tisha, i wont be marking ur attendance since ure late" straight line went in my mind was, "__ you! u called me, asked to hurry, end up, ure telling me shit" serious dammit. if i knew he wudnt be marking my attandance, i wouldnt have come at tht time. i'd rather take my own sugar time coming there. by just 30mins late. freak.

coming to th nxt class, more worst. i camwhore with ezum. haha. kinda funny. in class, i slept. again. =_____= yeah. again. haha. was sooo sleepy. maybe cos in th middle of th night, ppl are busy sleeping, and im sitting otc plurking. haha.

end sch, went to canteen with ezum. slacked & waiting fr zen to come..
right at th same time ezum's went off, i went off with zen too. i didnt go nowhere. just taking random bus to somewhere. had dinner together at Ljs Central ; Clarke Quay. after dinner, took bus. and tht bus was damn long. frm clarke quay to pasir ris int. so stopped half way, and im off taking cab, back home.

thanks fr th Ljs treats & sending me back home.


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