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after morning class, went canteen. had breakfast. and out of blue, ms latha called ezum. and so, end up, me & ezum had to meet her for some stuffs. so sad tht i gotta rush eating my food. haha.

after met her, off to class with ezum. had trial test. after tht, went to street soccer, catch th guys playing soccer. hurhur~ kinda hot since th wether is hot. but later, it went drizzling then raining. haha. but bfore tht, we did took some pictures. hmm, after tht, we went to th canteen. and around 2, went to extra class. then off to meet ms latha. pfft. again, did th functional testing. haha. freak. we haveta do upto 10 lessons. haha. but then, end up i just did half way then went off. haha.

had myself changed, and down to esp underground for dance prac. lulu, its a must must to come nxt week. ive learnt many steps. u gotta catch up. left like a week to rehearsal dear. alright, im tired. thanks zen for fetching me frm esp underground. went home, had myself changed and off sleep. zzzz, tired.

why sad zum?? XD

i feel weird wearing this. but nvm. cap owned by deon.

see my face. haha.

now she got tht happy face & i got tht sad face. haha

i didnt sit on her lap, but its just virtual view. :D

smile smile!~

okay, no caption. but th guy is daniel, classmate (:

i simply like this photo. hehe :D


this one, pose for fun. boring.~

mine is brown, hers is th striking2 colour. XD

i took this. & i looike it! XD

ahuh, this. her head is tht "big". haha


uwwww, horny sxc. XD

zum! , u tryna seduce me or th boys?? haha.

credits to ezum.

ahuh. this random. ezum took this for fun.

hahahaha. i was Loling at this photo.


:( :/

:O :)


windy makes me wanna sleep.


haha, girl promote! XD


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