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today, seems to be very tiring and fun day.

first, had student council general meeting @ 2pm. but then, i was late and ahuh, reached there at 2.30. thanks to hui yi fr waiting fr me. and, zen, for sending me to sch. hmm, th meeting was boring, =____= . after th meeting at 3.30, went off to myra hse. reached there like around 5pm. had meal together with her. i ate Briyani Rice. wooo, delicious. and so, while waiting fr zen to come, we touch up ourself first until like almost going evening. haha. waited for zen like waiting fr a queue. -.- he reached at around 7+ i guess..

took bus to pgl int, and then, train all th way to Orchard. bfore tht, met up with myra's friends. one of them was my school mate, amir del. th other one idk. so, met them at orchard. and amir went off. so left th other one. he went along with us all th way to wisma, to collect myra's lappy. and when its done, he went off. and we went roaming around Orchard. haha.

had dinner together with myra & zen @ Mcd. thanks for th treat dear! :D bought fillet o, same as myra. and zen, mega mcspicy. hehe.

after dinner, which is around almost going to 9.30, went off. sent myra to th mrt station & im off home. woo, sooo tired today. but fun. haha. except, th part going to school, for general meeting. sigh~ but anyway, th day was getting fun each day im with zen. haha. cos, hes soooo splendid awesome, to me. :D

alright, im off to buy buy ppl in tagged. hehe.

my dimple! hehe :D


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