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today damn sux big time arnd th afternoon. reason, came sch, end up, classmate said, "no class". tht part, i was like wtfreak. nw then tell, and ahuh, so on, they just knew about it also. gooshh. stup tcher. always make student life hard. if i knew this in th first, i wouldnt have already troubled myself going to school. asshittos. waste my time.

hmm, but anyway, since theres no class, so, went dwn to compass with zen, had lunch at mcd. thanks for th treat baybeh! , like always. haha. after lunch, maybe bcos we delayed too much time, we're late fr meeting halijah. cos im supposed to meet her at her sch, ite simei. but then, i was late, guess maybe cos i over killed time. haha. reached her school at 5.30pm. met her at Cafe 1. im sooo sorry ijah for having to make u wait fr 45mins. really sorry.

she thought of having dine together, but since i just had mine, so, we all went to hgm, walk around, window shopping. omg, saw this blouse, kinda have th same colour tone as my bf's Levis shirt, which is dark green + black. exactly as th blouse, dark green + black. but nvm.~

almost going late evening and soon night time, went to mac, had dinner together. then, coincidence, bump with my ex classmate, Yu Ting & Iris. haha. they joined us and had a kinda long chat with us. after we're done, im off home with zen & halijah.

tired~ and sleepy. cos i didnt sleep for a day. but, got hypnotized by my bro ystrday. haha. he hypnotized me as if i slept for "10hrs" already. haha. cool isnt it? nt only tht, he made me fell and lose control. as in, really hypnotize me. guess im gonna learn hypnotizing too. im th one supposed to learn hypnos but then, bcos of no time, busy. so, didnt have time to learn. and, he supposed to just learn magic. but then, he went to learn my skill. haha. pfft.

alright, im off.
takecare reader. byebye! :D


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