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ystrday was 2nd month. yeap. in th morning, called zen like freak ass fr 40mins. then hes awake. hes awake earlier, but went to doze of back. hha. was we both slept very late bfore th night. all busy replying plurk responds. hahah.

in the morning i went to zen's hse. slacked and in th afternoon, meet up with brother. together took bus to Kembangan mrt. we planned to go Jurong Swimming Complex. hehe. just realised, we can even drop at Eunos int, and take train frm there. stup us, dropped at Kembangan instead. haha. lucky didnt stop @ Bedok. otherwise, more longer th journey. hahha. took train frm Kembangan to Chinese Garden.

finally reached and wala! had so much fun playing with water and th pool. haha. especially th lazy river. wooh. tht one, superb happening like always. i only know play with water. cos idk how to swim. yeah. hehe. but credit to zen and my brother fr teaching me. hehe. atleast i learnt something ystrday. Lol. frm 6pm-7.30, of course i felt so not satisfy yet. haha. wished to stay there abit longer but nvm.

after those swimming2 all, dress ourself up and went took train to amk. went to mac. bought dinner, dine out. thanks zen fr th treats! :D McChicken fr me & my brother. and, tried something new, Mocca Frappe. woo. damn nice. th mocca, taste real mocca. haha. didnt try tht bfore cos all th while i was addicted with double choco frappe. haha. alright, we took bus 25 back home, and one funny thing, it was double deck bus. but th bus captain didnt turn on th upper deck lights. waaa, i felt as if im in th bus cinema. cool isnt it? haha. imagine if only thres bus cinema in sg. haha. we all fr sure gonna like catch movie in bus.

thts all. im tired now. still, plurking plurking plurk. serious coolio, its fun.
should join. just click through my link on my left side.

my toe, had cut on it. ouch ouch ouch. cut. i didnt realised tht until i felt th pain. stup.~


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