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goossh, this flu has bcome more & more bloody irritating. since just nw morning.

reached sch at 4pm. had lunch together with zen. thanks for th treat! :D had class till 5.30 i guess, then slacked in th canteen with rizal & ezum. until 6.30, went off. thought of meeting myra. but then, bcos th bus made me wait fr long, so just, frgt it. went down to meet zen, had some bites and off home.

today no mood type alot2. bcos, i got flu. freakass. grrr~!
make my things more harder. damn this flu.

and thanks dear for buying me new stylus. all bcos th just bought stylus has spoilt. pfft. mum said, im material eater. haha.

off to bed soon, tmrw got dance prac. cya lulu @ nxt dance prac! :D


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