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ystrday went out jalan raya with classmates and zen. it was an unplan outing. so, end up, we only went to two houses. haha. nvm. and i got some picture of it. quite colourful. cos plenty of us were wearing different types of colours outfit. hahs. really cool man. credit pictures to zen. fr being th photographer fr th day. hehs.

first went to shahadun hse, again. yeap. then, around 6, went to shah hse. after tht, we all got no where to go. so its like everyone going own way.

after th outing, i dropped geylang with zen. had dinner together. hrs later, brother came. then all went off to th park around my hse. didnt getta to slack with daffi. get to only talk lil while with him & th gf. cos i was rushing to th atm. stup atm arnd my blk, th machine shut down. haha. thts why i haveta go to kovan just to withdraw $$. hehe.

in th end, reached home at 11pm. tired , slept till next morning.


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