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today class just suck big time. had presentation. slides was done by me & ezum. i did th edits. ezum did th slides texts and pictures. and i spent my entire th night bfore wednesday, till 4am, just to complete th task. and yeah, end up, it was worth it. even though last minute thing, but then, during presentation, it went smoothly. :D

but anyway, ystrday had a chat with fazli & gary. together with ezum. wooh. funny. chat till like 3.30 and off to nxt class. again, tcher nver come. haha. tht was tuesday. hmm, but today, i had practical test. hehe. wish me luck =D

after school wait fr zen to come, ezum with me, like always. haha. and when zen came, went off together with ezum. ahuh.

starting frm this part, my story gonna starts to be lil freaky. mind tht. so, aft tht, first, was about to take bus to pasir ris frm punggol int. but then, i went to passby matilda house. tht time was like around 7.30pm. omg, theres this one part where i walked at th sides and th wind felt like air con like. it was sooo cold. its like ure passing by th shopping centre door..but then. after all, it wasnt tht freaky. zen told me. bcos, it felt just right. meaning, its fine. not th kind of wind tht make our goosebumps stand. next, went down to pasir ris park. omg. it was hella outta shittos. i really like saw alot of things. hmm, many things happening there. i cant really tell everything. what i can only share is when i otw back out frm th park..

otw out to th gate, i actually saw this one kinda fireball, stup me, i actually went to dwell on it to zen. so zen was like, stfu. i had no idea why. but still, at tht point of time, i was looking it at on & on. imagine u saw one kinda fireball, its really like fire like surrounding th ball.. bsides tht, aft i went out of th gate, goosshh, tht fireball actually simply disappeared frm sight. was shock and freaky. cos i was worried if it reflects on me. and zen went to explain what was tht. actually i cudnt believe tht much. so ahuh, went home, asked mom, and she said, actually tht was kinda black magic stuffs. its meant fr ppl. but if u saw it, it'll abort immediately. meaning to say, i've saved tht unknown person frm getting this bad luck. i was wooo. saved unknown person. not only i saved, but yeah, zen too. haha. cos he did looked at it. mum was asking wether tht ball really hit on me, cos if it hits on me, then yeah, like i've said earlier, i will have bad luck. lucky it didnt hit on me. pheewww~

oh yeah, a gentle reminder, zen told me, th next time, if i see anything or any figure tht i dnt know, dnt say anything. even though it may be as curious as it is. so yeah. same goes to all of you yeah.

thanks to zen sooo much for sending me home by cab. :D


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