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ystrday went to catch movie, Sorority Row @ AMK Hub. around 5pm.

early morning, went zen's hse. slacked and yeah, went off in th noon. down to amk hub. tht time was like 4pm. so brought him to Banquet. like always, i cant finish my food. haha. lucky got bf like zen. sooo saving th world. haha. alright. tht chicken rice super nice. nver fails to make me crave fr more, but im full. after lunch, then to th amk cathay.

in th cinema, one annoying thang. really annoyed me alot. thres this group of idiots. guys. kept on talking. and its like, imagine u were there, watching movie and somehow at th side, u heard ppl jolly well talking like their parents own th cinema. what would u do. i cnt stand, and it happens one of them was looking at me. so, great chance, i gave th friend tht sarcastic look. and wala, haha. they didnt talk tht much fr th next time. awesome. they're afraid of me. hahas.

tht Sorority, th movie i swear, th sound effect kept on shocking me. need immune smtg nxt time. hmms, storyline was good. i enjoyed it. worth watching. haha.

aft th movie, walked around th hub. took random bus. and drop and took another bus. this time, head to my area. thought of meeting bro, but then right, end up, hes not at th usual place. th nxt thing, i met up with sec sch friends. ex classmates. well, i miss you guys too aye. yeap, meet yall somedays and go out together. :D

off to mac with zen. i had my McFlurry. He had his Double Choco Frappe. -tht drink again.~ ahah as i knw, past few days just had tht. hmm, right aft buying those, off home. and thanks zen fr sending me home.

im so tired tht i fell asleep while texting zen & at th same time, resting.
thanks fr th lunch & movie treats darling! :D

arekenn leaving plurk. he deleted his plurk. =(


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