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today woke up early in th morning, around 715am. had myself ready. cos today my lil brother have graduation concert going on @ 8am. so, after i sent him, went home again, touch up myself & went back the place again.

sooo many peepos. lucky i getta sit at th first 2nd row. =p nothing much to write about. it was fun, seeing many types of different dance & performance. mostly were indian dance & songs.

heres all pictures. video, i'll upload it whenever im free :D

thts my lil bro! :D

when those kids making welcome speech in diff languages bfore th performance begins.

bfore dance. haha

after dance.

haha, with his "Halloween" mask XD

mom & him. haha.

end of perfomance.

with his Form teacher. :D

mdm phua , my bro & mom.

ahha. he & me.



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