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today was kinda bad-fun day actually. first thing first, ystrday night, slept at 5am. and th next moment i knew was, omg, 7.30am. 5 missed calls frm ezum. 2 txts messages. shittos. quicko hurry up, get myself ready to sch. waited fr zen, 8.30am went off. 9 reached sch. and, =____= first class has ended already. haha. alright, so tht was my morning part. lets skipped th afternoon part. cos i didnt have much things to share about. just like afternoon, it rains. haha. had last class, freakass, i slept in class. was really damn sleepy. slept twice. first in th canteen. 2nd when i was in my last class. end sch, slacked awhile. was tagged by gary to go his hse. so just come along then since i have nothing up. met his friends all infrnt of my sch.

imma skip again. and start off with th part when i reached gary's hse. we all slacked around his pool area. sit there fr quite long, fr hrs indeed. thanks gary fr th treats! hehe. oh yea, not frgetting, thank you fr volunteering to carry my lappy. haha. had fun, talks all. was hilarious all th way. till like going evening, some of his friend came. i had so much fun cammershit with peno.

after meet them, went to sim lim, met zen. and off home.
im superbly earthlingawdamn sleepy now. off to sleep. bye!~

guess she enjoys her chicken noodle. haha.

peno & myself. uh huh, i loike this! hehe

idk what to write. haha

just th top view.

tongues out babe.

ooh, thts dinesh & gary. :D

enjoy your nooooodles! andrina is missing.

there she goes.
andrina ; peno ; me.

candid while peno enjoying her meal. haha

credits to dinesh. tada! XD

omg gary. if only u didnt do it~


oooooh. this seems so random to me. -haunted toilet.


no caption.

if only im taller than her. haha



this is nice. :D


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