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hello peepo! :D again here. and yeah, today was pretty kinda fun. damn fun. had a really tiring day too.

first, in th morning, went to zen's hse, chillax and off to meet myra around 12pm like tht. hmm, fixed her comp stuffs. slacked around and then, off to serangoon area. goooshhh. really irritating. had some problematic stuffs going on. some kinda conflict. but nvm. drop it. we took cab there and thanks to zen fr paying th bill. haha. poor thing. tht was supposed to be my usual one. aha. alright, reached th place, one thing, had to go around finding other blk. cos they wasnt at th blk tht we went. shittos.

so ahuh, had th prblm settled. im off to far east, shopping. buy new shoes. sorry if it took kinda long there zen. hehe. just afraid ure gonna be bored. hehe. i love my new shoe! wooh! hehe. pink colour! hehe.

after far east, went to drop @ dhoby, took bus again, dropped at kallang. insane isnt it? haha. and as freaky as it might sound, there was no one except 4 ppl in th bus. all were sitting infrnt. starting frm th exit door part, there was no one. and out of sudden, th door bell rang. none pressed tht actually. kinda freaky. yeah. imagine if ure alone in th bus. and th bus driver is not a real person. what would you do? haha. but fr my type, th driver is real of course. ahaks. how could it be not real. haha.

frm kallang, walked all th way to kallang mrt. took mrt to pasir ris. went to pasir ris park. this part of th story, all th way was kinda fun. if only you guys know where th hella is "mangrove swamp". i knew tht place was haunted in th night. so slacked at th hut nearby there. hmm, but then, amazingly, i went in, th entrance. i've never felt this brave bfore. even though is just going to th watch tower. i never dared. i only have th urge to go in, but i didnt. tht was bfore. but now, i was surprised tht i did went in, with zen. by just going to th watch tower.

when im at th top, of course feels kinda freaky. but then, tht feeling fade away and i feel sooo damn normal. vision bcame so dim tht i could barely see th things around me. unlike some ppl said, tht place was freaking dark. but it was kinda miracle thing, i went in, to th watch tower, and once i reached at th top, i was relieved. nice air everything. hmm, bet some girls wudnt dare to go in, even though just going up till th watch tower. cos th entrance was really damn dark. and woo, freakkay. hehe. slacked at th watch tower fr like half hr, and then, off back home.

now im tired. and i wanna sleep. soon.
takecare readers. and thanks fr taking your time to read :D


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