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alright, just came back home now.

today in the morning, went to send my bro to family doctor. he has bad cough. after tht, around 1 i think, i went off, to bugis, meet my bro. reached there in the afternoon. went to penin with him, shopped awhile, bought clothes. thanks! and then, walked around th sim lim, visit zen. haha. today was his last day of attachment. until almost to 3pm, went to wait for fahmi outside topman. and he reached around 3.30+ u think. then we all went to beat merchant. we thought th room was available, but then, we had to come back since th room is currently in used. we had to come back at 5pm. so booked th studio for 1 1/2 hrs. meanwhile, we went to eat at zam zam restaurant, opp sultan mosque there. had murtabak chicken. wooo, delicious! :D yummeh! after we all had our food done, we then went back to th studio, just on time. jammed for like till 6.30pm. 15mins bfore it ends, nazli then reached. we thought he could come atleast earlier. hahas. but nevermind. then, after jamming, we took many pictures. and off frm th studio. we went to topman to accompany nazli buy clothes. hes done, we then walked around bugis street. then, sat outside th burger king for a while. almost 8pm, we went off. fahmi & my bro went off. so left me & nazli. he then accompanied me to meet zen. once zen has dismissed, they went to accompany me to drop suntec. i went to redeem smtg. then roamed around th suntec hall. many offers and sales going on till Dec 20. once done, nazli went off first. then i & zen went to take train back home.

thanks for sending me home! :D

fahmi took this.

this one also.

\\// i took this.

this one cute! hahaha

fahmi & nazli.

nazli & me.


i looooike this photo!~

fahmi took this.

i took this. they're great friends! :D

i loooike this one too! woo!~

nice one! zen not in picture.

nazli & fahmi.


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