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had day meet up with Nazli & Fahmi. woo!~ & his band mates around town.

first i went to cityhall to meet up with nazli & fahmi. sorry to keep yall waiting. hehs. then went to mcd citylink. nazli had lunch with us. tht time was around 245, i guess. after tht, went to wait for fahmi to fetch his vocalist over. acquainted with SuperNyonya. then, mins later, around 330, went off together with nazli. cos hes off to work. left me, fahmi & shirah. we then went to walk around th esplanade while waiting for his other band mates to arrive. meanwhile, we was making our way to sim lim, then th band mate called. so we had to go back. & wait for them at memorial. sigh~ after th meet up, we all went to mcd @ marina for dinner. last minute meet up with my bro & daffi. they said they're coming over. since they're late, fahmi & other of his band mate make their way off first. left me alone in th mcd waiting for daffi & my bro. 15mins aft they left, daffi & my bro came. sat awhile, then walked to Sim lim. window shopping, then visit wan @ his shop. then met zen after his work. then went to mcd at bugis. had dinner again together with them. thanks for th McSpicy zen. shaker fries bcomes an addiction to me now. haha. done with everything, took bus & off home.

now im tired. too busy until frgt to take picture. hahas.

was chatting with rizal in msn, out of sudden,

(12:36 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: tisha, kau percaye nie kau?
nie kau*
(12:37 AM) Me: hahaha
ni kauuuuuu
cute perh?!!
(12:37 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: hahaha.. yeah, mak aku hari tu bukak album lamer2
(12:37 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: den mak aku pass nie gmbr.. aku ingat saper lah.. skali mak aku blang nie aku
(12:37 AM) Me: hahaha
cute sia!!!
(12:38 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: hahaha..
aku tau
skrg lgi tk cute
(12:38 AM) Me: haha
skrg da jadi abg body!
akan aq post ni gmbr di dlm blog.
buat kenangan.
(12:39 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: hahaha.. terima kaseh
(12:39 AM) Me: ;D
(12:41 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: haaha.. yeah, aku tau.. nnt kau post kat blog semer pompan nk aku nyer no.
(12:42 AM) Me: ah
(12:43 AM) Aku Lah Rizal: hahaha..

convo unedited. and this is his picture. cute aint it? haha.


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