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met zen around 11am+, slacked around his house. out of idea, got no where to go, so had lunch together at Hougang Point Kfc. then, took bus to Hougang Int. after tht, took another bus, change2 bus then off to MacRitchie Park. alright, th place was kinda nice. beautiful scenery. as if im in Amazon. haha. really. yall should try going there. and also, th place, free of litter. was surprised. hahs. took many pictures. walked at this one path. no handrail. just plain wooden floor. like those inside mangrove. wooden flooring without handrail but this one is between forest and th sea. interesting though. idk howta explain it. but thts what i can barely explain.

after MacRitchie, took bus, change2, went to Pasir Ris Park. met daffi & my bro. we both managed to make them shocked. haha. funny. they thought it was smtg2 else. then we went to Mangrove Swamp. up till th watch-tower. slacked for a moment. then went out off home.

wooo, i got my photoshoot pictures! sooo happy. and gonna get th hard copy on monday. yes!

tiredtiredtired. shoulder pain. shucks it!~

to huda: i've read your tags. well, definitely, thts not me. yes you're right. i may not know who was th one tagging but let it be alright.

to yana: dont think you can get a way from th trouble YOU CREATED. u think you're done? my ass. im very sure you are stalking my blog daily. just dont lie. i know you're #1 big fan of me.


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