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what a awesome big time i had today! woooh! wish to have another outing with yall again.

bfore th night, we already planned to meet at hbf int at 2pm. but end up, on th day itself, everything changed. hahah. i was late. came with zen & bro. but bfore tht, i met zen, then dropped kovan, met bro at around 330pm. since taking bus will took us longer, so we decided to take train instead. reached hbf at almost 4pm. sorry guys for th long wait. met them at cheers. then dropped mcd, bought some food and take away. off to int to wait for bus. surprisingly, i met my old friend. and shes currently working there. ushering ppl. cool!

when we reached Sentosa, well, kinda difficult thing to say. but then, we took almost 15mins i think. just to find a perfect spot for us. end up, we decided to chill just near around th bridge area. coolio! after settled down, took few pictures, then went to changed. since th water in th sea was so tempting, i went to wet myself first. wooo~ enjoying th water in th sea with zen. hahhaa. i think, i was playing with th water fr like hours. haha.

an hour later, they came and joined us. took many photos. and bury nazli. hahahah. play with sand. we all planned to build sand castle. but it turned up to be i think, nazli castle. hahaha. since we went to bury him. and it all started when he went to bury his fist, then his left hand. hahaha. craps. many fun times with them & my bf. otw back to change, fahmi saw this random girl. haha. he then took photo with her. funny. XD th nxt thing, out of place, peacock was passing by. i was running aft th peacock. haha. cool. thanks to zen for taking some shots! :D

after Sentosa, around 640pm, went off. i guess we're back at hbf int at almost 8pm.

next place, we all heading to OCH. well, theres two options at tht time. weather to go MacRitchie or OCH. end up, we decided to go OCH. took bus 80. and took 2 at chinatown. gooshh. we spent th entire 2hrs in th bus. just to reach loyang. haha. walked up to OCH. we did went to explore tht area. but we didnt went in. we're just right outside th building. many old reports of dead patients has become ashes. th place was really dark & creepy. we heard sounds like ppl throwing some things to th ground. imagine, pretend what if u were there, and u heard as if like someone throwing some stuffs on th floor, or so called, doing some cult. freaky aint it? we were in tht area for like half an hour. was about to walk around th building but we didnt. since it was really dark and seemed not safe for us. but at this one point, when we're all busy looking at th old reports, infront of us there is this door frame. in th first place, i didnt notice. but then, after zen told me smtg, i then realised and wtf. this figure was coming towards us. walked off frm tht area and out.

we're planning to go at th same place, OCH. but this time, each person gonna bring own torchlight. cos just now, only my bro owns a torchlight. he used his hp torchlight. nxt time should try going IN th OCH. and not just th perimeter neither outside th door & boundary.

after OCH, we walked all th way to changi village there. then all took 89. and went off home.
finally i reached home, 1130pm. hahas.

Oh yea, wishing all catholics, indonesian friends & whoeva who celebrates this christmas,
Merry Christmas / Selamat Hari Natal.
and new year is coming very near, 09 going away so soon, so Happy New Year to all friends! :D
may 2010 be th best year for yall.

, takecare.

me & zen. woo, i loooving this picture.

we thought fahmi bought really a big mat. but it turns out to be this "mat" hahhaha. ripped off!

fahmi shekoski!



me :D

syira & fahmi :D

anaconda shuffle! ahahah



nice one! i took this.

missing boy in Sentosa, found.

my devil ;D *winks*

it look like as if they eating rice, isnt it? haha

washing th "mat"

random girl. hahah


i dont own tht cap. ;D nazli's own.


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