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Big Apology to my dear bestie, myra. for not meeting her.

anyway, it was a fun day on tues. went to meet my dear zen. but in th afternoon. sorry dear for th lateness. hehe. myra screwed this up in her brain well. hahs. in th afternoon, after i dropped his house, i accompany him to Poly. get well soon darling! :D after that, we then went to hougang mall. bought McFlurry mudpie & choco milkshake. mixed up both & sooo tasty of chocolatey! haha. bfore, when i was queuing up, & had a glance look. i saw aishaa, with her friends. haha. alright, so after we're done with desserts, took 89 went to Pasir Ris Park. had a walked together at mangrove swamp. wooo! i had that 2nd walked. first was with Hazri. and 2nd, with zen. yay! :D

i find th mangrove route was rather shorter in th day.. but when it was at night, how creepy it is. its really creepy. guess u might get lost if ure in there, exploring that swamp. haha.

then, we slacked around the pond till evening. kill time, done. its lilbit drizzling at tht time. but i just felt lucky that i had umbrella with me. next, from Pasir Ris Park, we went to walk all th way to Sun Plaza Park, via the connector. hahaha. i know it may sounds very distance. but then, it took us 45mins i guess. passing by th expressway and all. fun walk though! :D

felt lil relieved when we reached at Sun Plaza Park. *Lol* alright, then walked all th way to tamp int. bought drinks. again, like nver end, everytime we're out, for sure, one or two, will bump into his friends. haha. yes, he bumped one of his friend. took the same bus & off home.

tiredtiredtired, therefore, no time update accounts. and i slept early. haha.


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