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hey guys, ive something hot happening to let yall know. let me intro to yall this girl on the left. her name is DIYANA. in cyber, "yanakerchiqq". idk how small is she, i cudnt give a damn shit about it. other than tht, all i wanna highlight is just, shes a "BIG" #1 fan of me, "queentisha". guess thts why thts her main reason to always somehow trail my ways in cyber. its really annoying. this girl really has a bad habit. always loves to copypaste my stuffs. just like th one at th bottom of th picture. she intentionally made her blog private so that i cant view hers. but it turns out bad, tht i can crack in her private blog :D only i can do. dont try at home, danger. hehe. but anyway, its like, really irritating. i know im making a big fuss over th heading she puts up in her blog, which is, "Plurk It". yeah, tht bloody thang jollywell came from mine obviously. all i knew was she said, she wasnt stalking me. but its like so impossible. omg. i know this girl. pathetic. yana, if ure reading this, thank god. for fuck sake, go and have ur originality or just go on copy other people's work.
i think, u just need a nasty words to be drill in your bloody brain. see this picture below, my picture, yes. its for yana.


privating your blog wont help idiot!
yana is a biggest loser in cyber. yeh you are. cos u just dont dare to meet me & settle on your own. and this has nothing gotta do with other ppl. its just US.


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