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Happy 17th Birthday, Farah!
wish you all the best in everything you do.
always smile & crap more!

to yana: i thought ure not stalking me you said, but u did u see. you even tagged my tagboard, the 2nd tagger. you're pathetic idiot. i heard ure gonna bring your dad along to meet me. HA-HA-HA. cos u cant settle it by yourself. you're just way too young kid! & you knew that definitely. perhaps, you're afraid to deal with it by yourself, therefore, drag dad along. haha. im not tryna tell you im kinda boast or wanna be a boss here, its just a tiny lil problem YOU CREATED & dont dare to settle it. what-the-fuck is wrong with you?! hahs. yes, ignore me, good. for god damn sake, i fucking love it hell bitch! and one more, who the hella & why would i wanna make u famous in an ugly way? i dont. but YOU made me to do that. YOU KNOW YOUR MISTAKES. all i can say, you think tht you're famous, ahuh, idts. cos ppl will just think that you're a poser that they nver thought of. trust me. this cyber games are well played by people like you. dare to do, when get caught to settle by own, it gets corny. _|_ ; bring it on, LOSER.


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