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to my honey, falisya.

well, above all u said, what has that got connected to you?
anyway, its true that my blog is well done. then? wassup about tht? i've been getting compliments all these while. guess yana wasnt this professional like me. haha. and u said, as if i didnt copy someone else. cmon, its me or you? i know it well yeah. all i can say, either you're jealous or smtg2. or to be exact, not satisfy with me. you mean me, copy someone? i guess i'll be Loling. yes, loling. cos, ure so omg, how the hell u guess tht? and whats more, its incorrect. shame of yourself. who can just hit me as and when u wish. think back. what if i do th same girl, saying, falisya is a loser, spammer. how bout that? ure saying tht what ever you wrote is a fact? fact?? haha. but the point is, YOUR FACT IS BULLSHIT. THE REAL FACT IS YOU'RE PATHETIC. u jollywell just came to conclusion. alright, whats more, you're saying tht im making a big fuss over this, yes true. didnt i said, its annoying. YOU, as someone here, just dropping. do you even know whats happening in th past between yana & me? i bet no. its not one or two times she did this, its pathetically for years shes been working like this. so, what has this gotta link up with you? i bet nothing. unless u wanna offer her to copy yours. haha. precisely. am i not right. if u think that im wrong, then go on offer her some hands and say, "yana, follow mine, copy my way, i dont mind" why not isnt it? and one more thing, this is my business, and has 100% nothing connected to you. i respect you have th guts, still to write your name. but then, why dont we meet? if you just have the guts to offer some letters on my tagboard, why not in person? it'll be better isnt it? and, what else can i say, if ure just too good to be here, then, come and meet me. i know tht im making a big fuss over this, but seriously, to think it back, it has NOTHING to do with you, falisya. come meet me if you dare. its just gonna be between us. no other side parties. and if you think tht its kinda wasting air, then, you are a loser. I DARE YOU. u started it all first. note that. you even called me "kiddo" yeah. dont go like, etc2. meeting you will be a pleasure.


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