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hie guys. thanks for dropping by my blog.

well, im not gonna tell about my daily life or activites. haha. instead, i'd share smtg that i would like everyone to know.

firstly, i have changed my links design. thanks to zen for telling me about my link part doesnt work in IE. love you! hehe. now my layouts and stuffs is working in both IE & FF. im using FF as my default browser. thts why, my layouts are best viewed in FF. (:

alright, its been like years since im doing blogging. i have been getting like tons and so much comments, complains & spams, about people, ripping off my work/styles/design. at first, yes i admit that i felt so damn mad at it. its like, for th first time, ppl ripping my work. writing th same things that i wrote, etc.

im just done updating my blog links actually. to those whom i deleted your links, its either your blog is private or dead links. i will not link uninvited blog.

next, previously, i was checking links, well, many blogs are done beautifully. good job. feel free to ask me anything about blog. i'll be sure to assist your problem. you can even label me like, "cyber blog consultant?" haha. oh yes, passing by bloggies, and like suddenly, i was surprised. cos its like, since ever this layout i made, many have th same. well, maybe i should tell smtg to you guys. i did went to made this very own blog layout by using Microsoft Frontpage. so yeah, dont think that i went to such website like blogskin.com to take th skin & ripped it. i got inspiration of doing it from my own thinking. what i think is new for my blog.

for th tagboard that i have put up on my right side, yes i did went to surf th net about it. im sure this is smtg new yall see in blog. to whoeva who have copied my ideas, please, by just putting up like, eg.

tagboard ideas inspired from queentisha.

or anything that yall prefer. as long whateva yall copied in my blog, is credited.

thanks for reading. tmrw is new year. wishing yall a happy & prosperous new year. all th best in 2010. i still have yet to get some sleep. didnt sleep since ystrday. whats more, i'll be going out later in th afternoon. but i wont be celebrating countdown outside. sorry if i reject some of your invites.

till here yeah. idk weather should i sleep not. haha.
alright, takecares.
all th best in your life ahead.

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