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bad call for not updating. been so busy yesterday. and th day bfore. its like almost everyday. sigh. but anyway, imma recap my day. which will be on tuesday.

well, all i rmbred was, i went sunplaza to meet elfiqa. then met bro at bk downtown, off to pasir ris park. and to mangroove. hhahaha. it wasnt tht bad actually. even though 3 ppl went. ;D

next, about wednesday. which is today.

so just now i went to meet zen. was about to accompany him to his dental appointment. but since wea soon gonna be late, so he decided to postpone to another date. had lunch with him at kfc hougang point. then we went to take bus to sengkang int. randomly, we took bus to vivo. by th time we reached vivo, its already evening. slacked at th roof top. then, at one point, i saw this one ship. oh so cool. since th entrance is free, went to explore them. hahahaha. th staircase isnt like any typical staircase. it was like so different. inside th ship, so much interesting. like bookshop. selling full of books. roamed around th ship. it look almost like mini titanic. got those small boats at th sides. took many pictures & bought ice-cream. th ice-cream almost tasted like play-doh! hhahaha. really. like those soya bean ice-cream. kinda nice, its only like 50cents! yall should try going vivo there this holiday. th ship is its located near th rooftop area. went off slacking at th mini pool there. hahaha. idk what issit called. what i knew, th place where ppl always dipped their legs in. hahaha. went off around 8pm, dropped kovan, met jannah. then walked back home. woooh!~

this th ship. cool aint it?! :D

i loooike this photo!

th titanic boats at th side i said bfore.. hahas.

th ice-cream!!

frm th ship view, i can see th star cruise! wooow.

back of th ship..

ahuh, this th staircase..

see, so very roundy..

he let it float..

so do i.. haha.

anyway, was checking up my tagboard, and helena happened to tag me smtg. so i went to view her blog & i was kinda woooh. rmbr th photoshoot? yes, tht picture of mine was in th ite central postcard, under my course section, info-comm. woooh! im just happy because cos this my first. haha.


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