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just came back home. today, last day of Dec, 'o9. had so much fun going out just now.

alright, so, in th morning, met zen. and then, in th afternoon, met my bro and th rest at th Beat Merchant. sorry, we're Late, again. haha. sounds like VIP. everytime late-late. haha. so, we reached there just on th tick tock @ 3pm. whereby we supposed to meet at 2pm. sorry guys. but lucky tht i told my bro to tell them to go off first. instead of waiting fr us. in th jamming room, saw syira, fahmi, nazli, my bro & new girl, nisa. rawk out th jamming room up to like, 340pm. haha. supposed to end at 330pm. covered many songs. thanks syira for th zombie lyric. sorry if i left th paper in th studio. didnt rmbr to take it along.

so when we're out of th jamming studio, we already planned to have lunch. but no idea where. end up, we went separate ways. me, my bro & zen went to mcd at bugis. and surprisingly, th nxt moment when we're about to enjoy our meal, saw nazli & th rest came. hahaahah. how funny. when it ended up, nazli had lunch with us. but sadly, fahmi, syira & nisa, went to eat at other place. after we all done, meet-up at bus stop after bugis. took bus straight all th way to changi. wooo~ i love this coming plan. haha.

kinda a little long journey. but all was awesome. this part onwards, im so loooving it~ wooo. we went to tht och, Again! XD haha, yes. again. by th time we reached och, its like almost close to 6pm, i think. we did went in th och. explore. one thing tht i simply find it hard to understand is th part where we all climb up almost like to th 3 or 4th lvl. we pass by wards.. and even, corridors. our motive is actually to just search & urge to see th torture chamber. it doesnt explain to tell where it is located at, but then, we all figure out by our self, by thinking, torture chamber. should be in th basement. since it is said tht this och has basement in it. search & search, we didnt find anything. rmbr earlier i did said we all climb up almost like 3-4th floor. yeah, suddenly, at this one point, we all suddenly landed at th ground level. bumped into some white/caucasian explorer. we thought its some like guards or smtg. haha. but anyway, its really like so like one maze. i was wondering, until now, how come we climbed up th stairs so much, and then, end up, we still at th ground level.

time almost close to 7pm, so we all somehow gotta get outta och. its getting dark. went separate ways. fahmi, nazli, nisa & syira went off first. left me, zen & my bro. we 3 thought of going in, again, going back to where we pass by previously. but then, since zen saw smtg, so yeah. we cut those plan out. went off there too. took bus to changi. went separate ways. my bro went home. me & zen went to changi beach. otw walking to changi, out of blue, this uncle, came frm no where, suddenly asked zen, its really funny. what i heard was,

uncle: u can help me, say yes or no. if this meaning in mly is correct u just say yes.
zen: oh, ok.
uncle: this one, .....(cnt rmbr what) issit?
zen: yea, correct.
uncle: *giving annoying sound* (uhmmmm)

i then came over and said,

me: what thing?
uncle: u help me to see this meaning, *showing piece of paper* if correct, just say yes.
me: oh, ok. which one?
uncle: this one, ..... issit meaning ....?
me: ya, correct.
uncle: then if ..... issit th meaning in mly ...?
me: yes.
uncle: thank you uh. *walk off*

after tht, i looked at zen, and zen looked at me. giving tht kinda expression like u know, *whuuuuut???* yeah.

then we walked again, almost reached th beach, then again, th same uncle approached us.

uncle: hallo, excuse me uh, i just wanna ask this meaning in mly. if correct say yes.
me: ok. where. *i thought different one, suddenly same paper came out. & in my head, same uncle??*
uncle: then uh, this one, .... issit in mly, ....?
me: yea. why?
uncle: oh, thank you. *walk off*

that part again, then zen said, i think, this is th real crazy ppl. cos actually th uncle had tissue stuff in both side of his ears. maybe hes deaf, idk. but then, he can hear us. i was Loling all th way. seriously. imagine if tht kinda ppl came towards yall, fr sure funny. haha.

reached th beach, slack awhile. and otw back, bumped into hasif. hahaha. hes going fr fishing.

hmm, after changi beach, went to marina. woaahh. took bus, it was like almost to half an hr trip. haha. end up, i reached marina at 930pm. was about to join th countdown, but because th crowd was heavy, so went home. many roads were blocked. gooshhh. how irritating it is. everywhere pass by, all road were already blocked. end up, i and zen had to find a way back manually. sigh. reached home at 11pm. thanks fr sending me home.

im tired now. & sleepy. sorry zen if all th while i was borrowing ur shoulder as my pillow. =D

fahmi, dont frgt send me th vid. he actually went to take some vids. will upload when i got it.

takecare guys, & Happy New Year. Helloha 2010!~

i loooike this! personal big time fav. woo~

me & nazli. devil ahuh, so evil!

farridon, zen, me & nazli.



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