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hello everyone. today is th first day of new year. new calender. and, new stuffs. and to those who haven got my wish yet, i wish yall Happy New Year. all th best in 2010.

hmm, previous post, ive left out smtg, th resolution. yeah. too tired until tht resolution part slipped away.

actually ive pen down my resolution on th balloon or balls, idk. th one they float it at marina. yeah. cos tht day i went to citylink with zen. pass by and saw ppl writing down on th balloon. since gt nothing to do. so i tagged zen to write smtg also. since its supposed to be a resolution fr 2010. well, heres my new resolution for 2010.

i wish to have th best life in 2010 & success in whateva i do.

im done with my 2010 resolution. so whats your resolution fr this new year? (:

oh yes, just now i was chatting with fahmi. rmbr i did said tht i'll upload th vid taken ystrday? yeah. well, i guess i cant upload it right now. since i didnt get th vid yet. but then, what fahmi told me is just, he said he'll show me th vid instead when nxt time he meet me. cos after he review th vid, he saw like smtg walking to & fro, beside th door. wearing black. full black, like reaper. i then rmbred in my head, i did saw smtg while we're walking along this 2nd or 3rd lvl corridor, passing by th wards. cos tht time i was at th back with syira. i did told syira smtg.

maybe we're going at th same place again, nxt time. still searching where would tht torture chamber be located at..

heres th pictures of ystrday. taken by zen. took frm his blog.


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