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Happy 19th Birthday Fahmi! =D

blowing you some best lucks fr you. wish ya all th best in everything you do. keep that smile rollin. and when are we gonna go jam th beat again??! haha. meet soon! and rmbr, th och part. hahaha. till then, takecare & dont be sad. be happy always! and rmbr, im here. hehe. anything, feel free to find me alright.

so, my morning just suck big time. had to wait fr zen like fr an hr, and late fr class. all bcos bus was fulled. and while waiting fr him, almost 9 bus has past. my gawd. Nine! and all were so packed.

reached school at 9am. class at 8am. lucky in class didnt have nothing much to do. alright, nothing interesting to share about in school. bcos i have jamming at 530pm. and class end like 1pm. zen supposed to end school at 3. but i think hes lucky enough, thts why today he got dismissed at 1+ also. ahaha.

after school i went back home. changed, had lunch. then off to meet zen. waited fr him under his deck fr like 30mins. alright, accompany him to change and get his things done. bdw zen, thanks fr th lappy. hee. my lappy kept auto-shutting. wtfreak. gotta send fr servicing soon already. hmm, we're done like almost close to 4. hoping tht im not late fr th jamming at 530.

frm his area, took bus to tamp. inside th bus, many things happened. imagine teenagers like my age, running on th upper deck & going up and down th stairs. haha, funny.

reached tamp, took bus to simei and changed again, to bugis. in th bus, zen bumped into his friend, like always. gosh. cnt u like One day, go out, & didnt bump into someone. its like, woa, many ppl knw u. =D hmm, reached beat merchant @ Bugis, just on time, 530. phew. they just started jamming like mins ago only.

so jam, and played th song ignorance. try harder guys. i got prob catching up with yall. cos yall like didnt coordinate th music. so its kinda hard fr me, when hearing tunes jumbling up at times, all over. tht what makes my voice sounds lil corny.

to be frank, i prefer my own band. consist of me, bf, my bro & fahmi! hehe. cos we got chemistry between us. hehe. and, im going to make it an official band soon. im not sure whether im still up fr freelancing vocalist..

jammed fr 2hrs. until 730. then we all went off separately. me, zen & bro went to iluma walk around. then took bus off home. thanks fr sending me home. and zen like always, went off with my bro again. hahaha. th junior and senior.

alright, im tired now. will be sleeping soon.

and to my dear Natasha, not that im forgetting you. just that, i understand tht you're busy with your school days too. so am i. and i cant be possibly meeting you on weekend cos i'll be busy at home. im sure u understand what i meant by that. doesnt mean tht im close to Myra, it means tht i've forgotten you. we're still bestfriend alright. just tht i find it hard to meet you. cos im bust on weekdays and almost every weekend. yes i still do rmbr th day tht we met, and those moments we had, bad and good times together. i still rmbr. reason why im not texting you, bcos im busy. yes, its all bcos im busy. u know i would wanna spend my free time with you each time i got th chance to. please, dont compare th way i treat myra and th way i treat you. you know it well what kinda girl am i. u knew me since feb 06. its like 4 years of friendship. with all problems we had. u knw me th best. its all your choice. i'll make it up to you. just feel free to drop me text whenever u got prob. and u know i'll sure be helping you.

this is th one, funny. sleeping until like this.. aha.

band mates, zaini & fazli.

farridon ; zen ; th drummer, zaki.

i just love your face in this photo.. haha


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