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another one more idiot, psberby. heres your reply.

  • PsberBy your muke like makcik haha . gemuk.u are getting more fatter! haha .abothen nak act macam popular!Kalau kau queen dari sekarng kau dah rule singapore
  • good point. what does Myself, has smtg gotta do with you? or should i say, your jealous? (: well, seems like u've seen me bfore i guess. who th hella wanna gain fame here. your dumb. haha. and thats true.
  • PsberBy eh! o knw ah how you do this uglyyy blog! btw, my blog skin is littlebit like this kk! you boyfriend not handsome macam pernah se%!
  • ugly? then? what u can do? delete? throw? u cant isnt it. and i hella dont care about your blogskin. cos if your saying yours is "little bit like this" then isnt tht means its just 2x ugly? XD noob prick! oh, my bf? i think your blind or just dumb to see.
  • hahaha. another one, stupid? ah. hang on, and what. "Hope"?? good. go and have high hope that my parents will scold me. go on. throw some party big shot aye.
  • One more, since you're so "daring" or anything that suits u tht went to tag. jealous of me, detest hate.. then good. cos you hate me. and like i care. put it simple, th way you tagged can telly. your judgemental. talk like as if you know me so much. you know me pretty well. since u criticized me, all i can tell u, your dumb. yes u are. cant agree? lets see if u can win me. i DARE you to meet me. u can simply email me your details, name etc. we'll meet. and if u reject, oh. then im just sorry to say, your 10x as much dumb prick like th biggest loser. meaning to say, no point you tagged me. cos its all fake. and your telling me, your jealous of me. Fair enough aint it? yeah. so what i can say, 100% i can so fucking sure you'll NEVER DARE TO MEET ME. you'll fork out those bull shit reason.. blabla and so on, and ending, no outcome = nver meet me. hahas. just see. this all kind is already like 100% guarantee. dont come and reply with the "What if". thts simply doesnt shake me. MAKE IT REAL. MEET ME. GIVE YOUR CONTACT. then u can say these kinda things. i can fucking assure that you'll NEVER do it. th only reason you told me these thangs, cos your simply Jealous of me :D i DARE YOU TO TAKE MY DEAL IF YOUR NOT A L-O-S-E-R dumb prick.


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