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well, so much of fun i had ystrday, until i have no time to update. was too tired when i reached home.

all th entire day, in th afternoon, i went to drop at zen's house to meet him, then took bus all th way to tamp int. i needa go college east to rehearse some practice. reached th school at 4 i guess. cos we went out a lil late. but lucky we were late. cos in th studio, while all are playing instruments, i was just listening & getting th vibe of th music. around almost 5, then i started to practice. i was requested to sing "Hari ini dan semalam". this part onwards, kinda embarrassing, really. hahas. i heard th song fr dunno how many several times. but still, Failed. even though i got th lyric on me, still, i stumble. but i did catch th entire music. and th instrumental played by th jazz band. at this one point, i got compliment frm th instructor. haha. "your voice was beautiful". then i think, i felt lil different. cos i dont sing malay song. and stumbling infront of many ppl was very awful. mistakes quite alot i guess. just bcos i dunno where to start th 2nd verse. pfft. thanks to zen fr teaching me aft th practice. went off at 530 i think.

we had nowhere to go. firstly thought of going beach rd to eat, but nvermind. nxt, to bugis, same, frgt it. so just random we dropped at town. went to have dinner at Qiji @ Funan. oh so surprising, i bumped into Hikmah. shes pretty yo! =D and this is what she showed to me when she saw me, "\\//" yeah! peace. hehe.

after dinner, went to drop around my area to accompany zen fr haircut. lucky he told my bro to come down. cos he had no idea what kinda haircut should he get. haha. now in my mind, "th pro came down to rescue" okay, thts just Lame. =____=" thirath came with my bro. and after zen got his haircut, omg, he looks so different actually. and each time i looked at him, i kept on laughing. cudnt find exact reason why im laughing, i guess maybe i think he looks so damn not my bf. yeah. bcos hes like sizzling hot already. but i love th new hair though. wooo, he can spike his hair at th back like my bro. =D thts why i think i kept on laughing. cos they both almost twin. -they had th same love life bfore & many common things in them. so i went off home first right after hes done around almost 10pm. =D

and just today morning, i had nothing to do. so went to check fb. since it was boring, went to do fb quiz. kinda missing it. and one of them did was, "What is your Psychic Power?". th result i got fr this was, "You can read minds". im not kidding here, and this is not a laughing matter to me. not boasting what i have but just wish to share. hard to believe. but then, to think it back, it happened to many people who knows me. really. each time, when they sat infront of me, and when i simply look into their eyes, all i can see was many things happening in their life. im surprised when th ans in details said, "u read minds peoples' by looking into their eyes". i can say tht this is true. and for those who find it hard to believe it, feel free to come to me (: imma read your mind alright. =D


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