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didnt turn up fr school. had lunch with zen at hgp mcd. ordered 2 mcspicy set. mine fries & zen twister. th twister fries turns out to be this interesting. so took photo of it.

after lunch, went to hgp. and met up with my bro. supposedly, nazli & fahmi come. but bcos i replied nazli's txt like 2hrs ltr, he didnt have mood to come. hmms. same as fahmi. he wasnt feeling good. but nvermind. so we took bus head down to och. yes again. and we did ransacked th hospital. sadly, some places were already been sealed. damn! and yeah, tht time, we climbed up to th 5th storey. not 4th. th one ended up on ground. this time, total we climbed up till top, 7th floor. at this one part, theres this stairs on th wall. farridon & zen managed to see th view. i didnt manage since im wearing skirt. hahs. but he did took picture of it.

many toilets & more toilets in th hospital. and we did found th inverted penta where ppl use it fr cults. kinda freaky too aye walking around with just 3 of us. since we already ransacked enough th place, so we went off. and i did took some pictures & videos. will upload th remaining somedays..

after och, we went to changi, walk around. by th time, its already like 6+ i think.. took bus, dropped around ubi. was about to go MacRitchie. but bcos farhan had texted my brother fr band meet-up, so we go for it since we have nothing much plan left. met farhan at th park around my area. i went off first. thanks zen fr sending me! =D hope u enjoyed your day!

wooo, formed new band again! except farhan is little new to me. even though hes my neighbour. but my ex band mate, sufi is in. yay! =D

th secret passage..

th stairs at th entrance..

imma eat u up sucker!

och, bye.

what did u see in this photo?


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