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today school end like so early. but really, new timetable just sux. supposedly, friday we not schooling. and end up, we haveta go school on friday fr just, 3hrs?? 10-1pm. goshh. waste time.

after school, went to meet up with zen. he fetched me and then, we went off. had lunch. since no where to go, randomly, thought of going to MacRitchie. so took bus and went off there. by th time we reached there, its like already 6pm. cos we killed time from 2-4pm+.

this time, we went to th other direction. we didnt go at th place where we walk on th wooden path.. walk and walk, saw many monkeys. i think, if yall wanna take pictures of monkeys, good place to search fr monkeys, is at MacRitchie. im just suggesting since i saw many monkeys loitering around at this one area.

came to this part, i was walking with zen and saw ppl going in and out of this one place, kinda forest trail.. so went a little nearer view. and then theres this board, saying,

"Tree top walk 4.4km"
"Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 10.1km"

one more i cant rmbr what.. so i was telling zen.. interesting, why not try th 4.4km, "short". Tree top walk. and he then agreed. i was like, okay. and its like going 640, 40mins of walking. going to dark. and we're still in th middle of th forest trail. haha. imagine tht. if u walk too slow or slow, u either end up in darkness or too afraid to walk till end. by th time, 40mins of walking, while ppl are jogging in tht trail, we walk. haha. we almost reached. we walked till like 3km already. i was like, this is not short! haha. bt since we went to time check alot of times, zen suggest to go back cos its already dark and mostly ppl are jogging back to th park already. and yet, we still walking on our way back. so no choice, i had to do some jogging to speed up. lucky. pheww~ by th time we reach th main point, its like almost 5-10mins to darkness. once we reached at th park back, sat until not even 30mins, we see th forest trail in darkness. i was feeling so relieve tht im already out. lucky so lucky. if not, i wont be blogging i think. and turn up fr school on tmrw. ahha. tired, so went to rest awhile until 745pm, we went to walk around.

sat at this one area, so nice view. went to slack at place where ppl go fr kayaking. we sat on this area. kinda floating area. sat there until like 8.45pm, aft tht, waited fr bus & went off home.


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