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end school today like almost going to 5pm. was about to wait fr zen to come, bt then, since im lazy, and tired, and sleepy to wait, so i took bus and dropped his school.

got no where to go, but then, we dropped at ehub. dinner at kfc. nazli was texting me fr meet up. bfore tht, we had our dinner, then we met them, at mcd downtown. wooo. sat there, until like almost going 9pm. talked about many stuffs. shared with them th video took at och. i've still yet to upload. because actually, theres smtg in th video i spotted. took many pictures too. after done with stuffs, we went to mangrove. hahaha.

went in th mangrove, and surprisingly, we made it to th end. woo! =D not bad right yall. if i tell my bro earlier, he would have followed us along. after mangrove, went off home.

i just loooike this! =D

what did u see?

yes, smile like that!

maybe im "too" surprised to see that..

fahmi was afraid of my face in this photo. he said like scary.

this one style!!

fahmi or shekoski or malia?

cool. i loooike this!

this one too!!

i eat haters!

taken by fahmi.


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