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aft school, nothing to do, went to call up fahmi to come down my school since he told me th last night tht he wish to meet ezum th nxt day which is today..

while waiting fr fahmi, alang came and sat with us. so just me, ezum & alang. nxt thing, some friends came and sat also with us. cant rmbr who.. while waiting i was doing my own stuffs until fahmi came and asked me to fetch him at th school's backgate. and i did went to fetch him and bring him to th canteen. he was shy i guess fr th first time meeting ezum's friends around there.. nxt part, waited fr nazli to come.. while waiting, went to take pictures & more pictures. nazli came, i fetched him and same, bring him to canteen. sat there.. took just one picture with him. sigh. alright, i guess ezum was in th rush, so she went off first.

while waiting fr zen to come, went to play some games with nazli & fahmi on lappy. so funny. at first, nazli was so eager to ask me to watch this video. end up i was like, ok. nvermind. nxt thing, they got bullied by me like 10x worst then they did to me previously. hahahah. thts why i said, dont challenge with th one who can kick better! =D hehe. they also went to watch some vids on youtube. and awhile later, zen came. so sat with him, and th nxt thing, zul came. hmm, im sorry if i happened to neglect nazli & fahmi. zen & me went to have a chat with zul fr quite hrs. talked many funny things. crap and more crap. ahaha. by th time, around 7, nazli and fahmi was about to go off. so after they went off, we continue our convo..

talked until like 8, then went off. had dinner with zen @ mcd. went to mcd kovan. bro came to drop by. and went off home after dinner.

this th video tht nazli & fahmi asked me to watch.. try watch.


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