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kinda funny how things goes today..

in th morning, aft i sent my brother to school, went home & otc. around 8, ezum called and suddenly asked me where am i, cos shes in school. i was Lol and told her, thought today starts at 11am. and why th heck she came so damn early. she was laughing her ass off all th way.. cos her new timetable is with me. and her went to look at th old timetable. omjeez. but she ended th call like, rizal was there coming towards her.. so i told her, alright and ended th call. nxt thing, wan texted me to tell abt ezum became "early bird" XD

end school, waited fr ezum's friend, apizjoker to come canteen even though its raining. hahas. hmms, its like 6+ i think. so after apiz came, around almost 7, i cnt rmbr, zen then came. chatted awhile, and nxt thing, ashraf went to text me asking where am i. i then replied, canteen. so hard fr him to come, therefore, i went at where he & his friends sat. bring them to canteen. slacked till 8pm. then went off.

had dinner with zen. this part was funny. i went to order black pepper chicken rice, and th outcome, its like omg, makes me lose appetite, with those chillies and more chillies around th rice.. so went to make another order, and th person who takes up order thought i wanna take away. th moment i told her, "having here" her face was like, "huh?" hahas. yeah. i was laughing and laughing. finally th nxt food arrived, ate it. so nice =D thanks to zen! muacks!

thts zen eating & yes with tht food..

this one, th black pepper chicken rice im talking about..

oh yes, he went to sip all th soup..


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