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today is th first day, and, im already a 2nd year student. L-o-l. nothing to brag about tht.

anyway, saw many ppl.. some i recognise, but frgt name. some i knw, and lucky i didnt frgt name. and even, my primary school was there too. woah, surprising.

today my class was dismissed at 915am. early isnt it? yeah. and then, we slacked in th school, while waiting fr ezum's bro to dismiss. waited until like in th afternoon, all went off. left me & ezum. her bro ended class at 3 i guess. then after she met her bro, went home.

coincidence, i met fifi. was about to take bus all th way till amk with him. but since im sleepy, so dropped half-way. bfore tht, bumped into gary. and thought of going home with him, but he went off first since im not going off yet cos he got something up.

went home, changed. and off to meet zen at his school. by th time, its already going 7pm. sorry to keep u waiting. for, 1 half hr. we got nowhere to go. after taking stuffs frm his locker, random thought, took bus dropped airport. sat there and chillax fr awhile. and then, went off home, with my eyes so sleepy. one day nver sleep. all bcos ystrday i went to transfer stuffs to my mmc. cos all was missing and i had to format it. damn it.

bdw, im just so obsessed over this course card. ahhaha. cos it has Me in it. yeah. i felt so like wow. just cant get over it. took this frm th ite website cos it seems tht i cant find th original one. looks like this is th original copy. and im just surprised its fr th new course fr higher nitec. amazing yo.

photo: http://central.ite.edu.sg/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=26

alright, im sleepy. and off to sleep. takecare.


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