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how funny it turns out today. last week, ezum got herself fooled, and this week, my turn. hahaha, fook it. class supposedly starts at 11AM. i guess im too excited and tht makes me to come school at 8am. i thought i was late. cos i was going to school with zen. waited fr him and thought i was late. but not. pfft. damn ass. in th end, lucky tht when i was walking on th bridge, i went to take out th timetable just to see wheres th class. and it end up, when i looked at it, eyes started to pop out. because i then realise i was so fucking early. like omg, why th hella am i doing at 810 otw to school whereby classmate are at home. alright, this was really really funny. so i went back to zen and i guess in his head, he was like, *why th hella shes coming down, frgtten smtg maybe* and when i came up to him, i was laughing. omg. this is what happen, so excited and end up more excited. hahaha. meanwhile, sent zen to school. and went to do own stuffs.. hehs.

reached school, ezum texted me. guess she was surprised why im early to school. -smtg's not right. haha. yeah, so had class until 1pm, break then SW. wooo, played badminton again. hahaha. fun =D we had ourselves dismissed at 330 i think.. told tcher we wanna get th forms. but another point, we're heading diff story. hahaha. first, we end up changing our attire. 2nd, pack our things and 3rd, chill around th locker area. even though th weather was sunny, had my umbrella opened. wtfreak. become like umbrella table already.

since i was only with her, we talked many stuffs. and at this one point, omg. holly crap. she was also in th same luck in th morning. i shudve texted her. nvm, but i shall keep th what happened in th entire morning story, secret. =x hahaha.

late fr next class. nvm. rizal & irfan went home. always didnt attend lifeskill. hmms. alright, i have proj. just me & ezum. wooo! will be getting help frm her friend, my bf & my bro. =D thanks fr th willing (:

class ended at 6pm. but we were told to stay back fr awhile since we're late after th 15mins break he gave us. oh yea, tht break time, omg, i bought this fish & chip. and lucky my godness, saw just short strand of hair in th french fries. went to complain and th owener said, look fr him th nxt day, he'll give me free fries. ezum was like ^___^ hahaha. ok, back to th stay back part. ahuh, so reason why th tcher want us to stay back bcos he wanted to show us vid. i'll post th vid here. its really interesting vid. yall should watch. cos even if i share whats th vid all about, yall wont understand. watch & learn =D

after school, waited fr zen to come. after he came, ezum went off and we went to take bus to kovan. went to atm to draw draw draw $$. thanks fr accompanying me, muacks! then walked to th park, waited fr bro to come down. so both sent me home.

im tired now. so, im going to sleep right away. bye all!

bdw, just rmbr smtg, to all school mates who read my blog, idk if yall know this. its smtg frm th vice president of th sc, he told me to pass this info around, tht monday to friday, there'll be movie screening at 12pm, Student Hub. im just telling whoeva it may concern who happens to passby my blog. thank you.

yes i know! =D

me & rizal plus umbrella.

hahaha. face maintain boy..

ezum so happy. yeah, sooo happy. cos she met someone. hahaha


laugh more, and i'll laugh with you.


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