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Bestfriend, Since Nov, 08 - 2010

rmbr our first picture above? yeah. when we first met and otw to woodland, to meet my ex, nico. and your complaining about th bus journey. so meanwhile we took photos, & u took out tht 20 bucks note tht u told me about, ur lil bro went to iron it and it became small because it shrink. haha. right? still have it not now? hmms, even though we fought, still, good or bad, your still my bestfriend =D 2 yrs of friendship together. with many things happened between us. glad tht we can pull through. until i got new bf. hehe.

next, thanks fr writing up something about me.
ah, now then u know, what kinda attitude u should own. haha. glad u know i got tht no feeling kinda attitude. =D *thumbs-up* hmm, thanks fr th wish. im wishing her to get well soon also. thanks fr th concern bestie! and about my bro going out with zen, funny. haha. my bro like, who cares. out always out XD

2nd part, caring? hahaha. Certain times only. haha. hmm, yeah, i noticed that u have not been listening to my advice. its alright. your choice babe. to take or not. im just advicing whats best for my bestfriend (: ahuh, yeap, meet u soon. and eat together at your house again. many2. hahas. kinda missing that time. we laugh like wtfreak. haha. and rmbr th fan part?? hahahaha. im sure u do! XD

about your friends part, just do whateva its right for you and anything u feel right to do. yea i know your kind. giving ppl many chances. but cmon myra, dont wait for karma to come. its horrible. by th time, u might not know if things are too late or not fr karma to happen.


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