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alright, to be honest, i felt like just giving a punch on rippers. its been like few days back since i changed my blogskin.

i dont geddit why ppl kept ripping off my ideas. one of them is th way i put up my tagboard. well, i knew tht my tagboard is smtg new in blogspot. cos i bet, yall dont see it in any other bloggy. yes i knew tht. and thts why, im tryna put smtg different. but then, again, bloggers, please, dont make me swear. issit hard to just credit me abt whateva ideas that yall took or copied? its really getting my nerves. one by one, cropped my ideas of how i put my tagboard. yes im really mad at yall right now. at those who just jolly well took my ideas and dont even have th initiative to even credit me.

let me share smtg..

ystrday, well, i found out tht adeebah was having th similar texts and stuffs in her blog. and i did tagged her to simply just credit, politely. and yes, th nxt day, which was just now morning, she did credited me for whateva she cropped or even took my ideas. thanks alright. i appreciate your effort. atleast, for gawdamn sake, she did credited me and even, had write-up an apology message on her blog. i wont display th message here for some particular reason. but th message can be found at her blog, personally. appreciate your effort. just incase if ure waiting for my reply, then i shall reply it here.

to adeebah: good that u didnt private up your blog even though i knew u did some mistake. and have th courage to still admit your fault. im glad to hear your respond about what i told u to change. one more, its not smtg new to me to have fan like u. cos i knew, there are many tht are somehow, like my #1 big fan of me, like yana. yeah. u even realised she did mistakes about what she did towards me. copied my work, ripping my ideas, etc. ahha, your surprised about me, hacking ppl? yes i do hack ppl account, etc. dont be surprised. i do it for some valid reasons. i have nothing else to reply anymore, and since u have put up th credits. so yeah, im cool with it. just smiles yeah (:

and next, about yana. suddenly, i thought who went to tag me. and then, it happened to be that girl again, yana. pfft. thought she wanna ripped some of my ideas or some trash again frm me. haha. but not. i did went to her blog. and saw a message written, for me. heres th reply if you're looking frward to see.

to yana: yes i dont mind you crediting me, thats what i've been waiting for fr th damn fucking 3 years back. not even ONE credit u gave. yes it is a surprise for me. good that uve changed in this new year. nah, im not even having th thinking of telling each of my reader that your message is fake. cmon, im not that dumb prick so judgemental. you've put it up on your blog. so yeah. glad you went to read adeebah's blog. and yes, im gon meet you. and bdw, u didnt gave ur number personally, to me. hey, come on yana, try by giving it by yourself. not by asking ppl to give me. have th guts. hmm, still not forgiven yet. and if you wanna give me th credit, give it th proper way. maybe i should teach you. not only you, but to other bloggers who have took or inspired by my work.

Simple steps to give credit.

1. Write smtg about what are you crediting me for.
eg. Layouts, Tagboard, Words, Fonts, Way of writing/posting.

2. Find my plugboard in my blog. its around here. then copy the code given.

3. Tag me about it if u wish to.

4. Your done! :D

ok, next one, i was chatting with myra. and surprisingly, she gave me th link of this particular blogger. alright, and it happened to be that i knw this girl. she did tagged my blog few weeks ago? or days? idk. im just a little freak out to see smtg in her blog. urrgghhh. u took my ideas and yet u didnt give me th credit. and ppl thought tht i went to help u about ur blog. since u went to tag me. idm u putting up th same thing as what i did. but dnt be a ripper, please. i hate it. its my work. and u dnt even have th courage to even put up th credit. i dont really understand why ppl like ripper need to be caught then wanna start to credit. but anyway, hope to see th credit soon even i knw its due. unless u wanna be another victim of being hack by me. just dont make me take drastic reply on you, just like what i told u in ur tagboard. have some respect on my work please. im sure u hate ppl ripping and copying your stuffs too, right?

im tired of ppl like this. knw how to do, but dont knw how to credit. dont make it like as if your th one who came with th idea. i mean not exactly th girl im talking about above. it applies to everyone. sigh. and school going to start very soon. somehow suddenly so random in my head, *countdown to re-open school* hahahah. funny. and then, another thought, these ppl, fan me so much, why not i start like, hey everyone who fan me, feel free to do me a fansign. because in my head i was like thinking, last time fs they gt this chain msg going around about giving fansign. hahah. alright, if yall dont understand, nvermind. im crapping. i just typed it down whateva im thinking now.


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