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alright, its been days since i last update my blog. hmms, alright, i'll update one by one so no confusion. but bear in mind, it gotta be a long post. hehe.

so, picture below, is on thursday. we are practicing fr our audition on Feb, 6. wish us luck yeah. hmm, that time, im so rushing. it was a last minute plan. and that, i had to skip class fr th last 2hrs left to dismiss.

zen came to my school to fetch me. went off with rizal. but we went separate ways. me & zen went to take bus from my school frontgate. took bus and met farridon at jamming studio. lucky got space. uh, few mins, while we're practicing, fahmi came. practice until 545. and off. went separate ways. met zen @ kovan cos he went rushing with farridon.

hmms, then we had no where to go. so randomly, took bus to habourfront. by th time we reached habourfront, its like going 7 already. talk so much, going 730. took bus again and drop around ubi. and again, took bus again and off home.

alright, that was on thursday.

let me continue about friday now..

didnt attend school on friday. lazy. ezum texted me about her thumbdrive. darling, sadly to say, ur thumbdrive isnt with me. if it was with me, i would already return it to you like bfore i did. even so, i hope u geddit back when u claim it on monday.

met zen at his house and got everything done at 230. how funny. hes supposed to be at costa sand downtown at 230. and at 230 also he was about to go out, pro! reached costa sand around 330 like that. met his friends. sally came along with wan. but efa had reached first with faris. woo, they were early. hmms, anyway, i getta know some of zen's friends. nice knowing yall guys! =D new people. i getta acquaint sally, efa, faris & afiq. woo, yall are super, duper awesome!

alright, so went in th chalet room with them. get everything settled. then, we rest. and helped to bring down all th stuffs fr bbq till night. and wan's friend came, aliya. in th middle of th bbq.

and on th 2nd day, goshh, how funny to know when theres only one toilet and many ppl are rushing to shower. hahas. hmm, spent th entire afternoon at escape. wooo, fun. i played many games. and tried many things. =D but wan wasnt with us bcos he went off with aliya. had smtg on.

from this part onwards, imma share about escape fun time..

first, we tried th go-kart, double. woo, zen driving was so awesome! made me screamed so much. cos it was awesome. idk how to describe but th feeling was great! next, we went to tried th go-kart single. and i getta drive my own. woo. was taking my own sweet time to drive. and last part was funny. cos we were give only 3 rounds of rides. after th round, all th car were already standby on th right lane, and i went on th left. hahaha. and when th instructor told me to stop, i went to step on th accelerator. all bcos i was too excited and didnt press th break. hahaha.

ok, that was just th go-kart. fun. next, we all tried th wet & wild. oh so fun man! ahaha. get ourself wet after th 2 slides. at first, we sat on this boat. i sat infront and zen at th back. along th way, while th boat was moving by itself, i went to take photos since my hp was with me. hehe. camwhore. yes, camwhore. and yup, my hp waterproof. nah, kidding. my hp season with h2o already. thts why i brought it along with me. hmm, along th path, got many sounds as in th sound effect. then first part, it was th 10 or 8 metres slides. i cant really rmbr. wooo, awesome man! next, th boat went floating forward and forward. and i was barely wet. hahaha, ezum sure like, "wet". XD ok. th next slides, i could damn rmbr how many metres. it was 18 metres. wow wow omg. imagine 18 metres. hahaha. once th thing went up slowly, i was chill. and when i started to go down. omg, yes, another bump. gosh, holy shit, crap. its like, once its already back to floating, i was like, ok, first, th feeling from 18 metres down just like that its like worst. hahaha. even though i was feeling right. cant imagine how ppl commit suicide. back to where i said, yeah, once th boat started to float back again, i kept asking zen how come i felt like im tasting blood. like u know, u suck blood or lick blood. yeah. it felt exactly th same. and zen told me, it was th adrenaline rush. i was like no wonder, when ppl commit suicide, theres blood coming out of their mouth. freaky. and by then, i started to imagine, lucky my blood didnt come out. hahaha. really, th feeling was really freaky. even though th blood didnt come out, but th taste of my saliva its like im swallowing a bucket of blood. but overall, that wet & wild was great too!

im surprise to know, efa had asthma. but she didnt overcome tht 18 metres slide. cool! and next we tried th roller coster. it was just like a kiddy roller coster. best fr kids. hhaha. and we tried. though i didnt felt any fear, but still, enjoying th moment.

ok, then, i went to try th king boat. ahhaha. th one swinging from one end to other end. efa & sally didnt try bcos they just cant take it. afraid that they might puke. zen, me, faris & afiq gave it a try. it was awesome! yeah! but zen went to give up half way. bcos he was feeling dizzy since hes wearing just one side of lens. left me, faris & afiq. hhahaha. th longer th boat swing, th higher it goes. it went like until almost 18 metres high. yeah. very high. but fun. when th thing end, omg, my legs were so weak. yeah. felt like just drop dead. but nvm. having fun. not only me, afiq & faris had th same thing also.

next we head down to th haunted house. efa didnt come along with us. only me, zen, sally, afiq & faris. hahaha. how funny. i thought it was how scary. alright, i can say, it will only be scary to those who are afraid and scared of ghost stuffs. all they did was like, many automated things like make ppl shock. to me, it was fun. and just like 10% scary. not boasting or what, just that, its hard to get me freak out. but i admit, on real stuffs like those real ghost like eg. abandon house. yeah, that part of course i'll freak out.

after haunted house, we was about to try th shooting water boat. but since it seems so boring, we cut it off. didnt try it. we had our own times after that. we played th go-kart th 2nd round. hahah. fun man! i love it when u drive! awesome! next, nothing do, so i dragged zen to try th ferris wheel. ahhaha. while waiting fr efa & sally to finish off their single go-kart. by th time we end, they also end already. made our way out. off to buy some dinner.

bought dinner. and all back to chalet. wooo, so much fun time i had! =D without you, it would be fun too. hehe. ate many food. then, had myself showered, and slacked in th room till night. efa's bf came. then, wan & rashid came in th evening. spent th time with us till night. but rashid went off first. we played games, talked and laugh. hahaha. funny moments should be rmbred always. hmms, around 8, we all went down to cheers to get wiremesh. saw sod and he came to bbq with us also, till night.

so much fun. started to miss those moments and wish that we could stay longer.

some pictures were not in yet. cos some were taken using efa & sally digicam. i'll upload those pictures once i got from them.


i love this. =D

efa, faris & zen. woo, zen bbqing. hahah

zen, i love you!

i love this picture! hehe.

oh, that track.

efa & sally.

me & you.

you & me.

th starting track..

i love this one, its like we're on some roller coster.. haha

afiq cant wait to drive.. hahah

that first slide.

in th boat.. hahah

afiq & faris was infront..

th first slide..

woo, coolio.

this part, bfore coming to th 2nd slide..

omg, see how high. 18 metres man! up & down.

th 2nd roller coster.

efa & sally.

hahaha. this one that swinging king boat..

zen not in. credits to sally/efa fr taking. (:

idk who they are, but they're infront of us. i was just taking th picture of th house.

th shooting boat..

in th ferris wheel..

wooo, top point! ; in th ferris wheel.

back to chalet..

cheese fries!!

and video of th swinging king boat. taken when its going to end..


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