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ystrday, had lunch with rizal, ezum & irfan @ KFC paya lebar. his treat! =D cool. our 2nd lunch together. (: nvermind, nxt time, my turn to treat yall! heheh.

well, after lunch, slacked fr a while, and back to school. had SW. and i played badminton. awesome! its been awhile since i didnt touch th racket. ended SW, slack in th canteen, then off to another class, lifeskill. and i can say, lifeskill just nver get bored. anymore. yup. but rizal & irfan went off bfore us. left me & ezum. after class ended, while waiting fr zen to come, slacked in th canteen with hady & ezum. when zen reached, he joined us. hady & ezum went off first. and i went off at 7pm with zen.

dropped kovan Qiji, bought food. and slacked at th park around my house, thinking by bro would come, but he didnt. so just both of us. thanks fr th treat again zen. and like always. ahha. okay, i got home at almost 10pm. and saw farridon was asleep. no wonder he didnt meet us. haha.

ezum 1

ezum 2



and today, gosh. th very not best thing, day. time. bcos, _|_. first day of period just suck big time. first, i was late fr school. supposed to be in school at 8am, end up, reached school at almost 10am. sorry zen if i made u late fr ur class too.

didnt had anything fr breakfast = no in th mood, no appetite.

good to know im in another band! =D coolio. yall played my kinda genre. cya around yo! if yall want jam, be sure to let me know yeah? alright, done. 3 guitarist, 1 drummer & + me, vocalist. = 5. woo. awesome. lucky drummer can play double paddle. phew. *Thumbs-up!*

after met band mates, went back to class with ezum. thanks fr carrying my bag. =D hmm, class was boring i can say. but its fun. cos learning html. like creating tables & website. which is kinda familiar topic. so easy to catch up. in class, watched movie with rizal. just some parts he showed me. then after tht, i continue doing my work. since irfan was fast asleep, i thought rizal was watching th movie since i saw his screen was playing some anime. but when i looked at him, he was fast asleep too with earpiece on him. hahaha. i went to tell ezum and went laughing at it. hahs. and when he woke up, he said tht seeing irfan sleep so soundly, makes him wanna fall asleep too. hahaha. funny.

alright, class ended in th afternoon, close to 1pm. went to wait fr my FT outside staff room to give my th paper i told him to photocopy. once i got th hard copy, went off. sorry ezum fr leaving u alone. all bcos of my period. shucks it! hmpf, tht made me haveta leave yall behind. really sorry.

pst, someone asked me, "Where's Ezum?" hahaha. you know i know. hee. =D

reached home at around 130pm. straight, i just went to sleep. all th way. bcos, stomach like freak. everytime first day of period just really2 sucks big time. made me so weak fr th first day. i slept and woke up in th evening. sorry zen tht i cant meet you aft school. but glad u went home after school. (:

now, my right side are all in pain. shucks it! imagine, suffering to walk, sit & lying down. just bcos, my right shoulder was pain. th entire portion of my right hand, including th sleeve and arms. urrghh. then, my hips. and my entire legs, including th thigh. damn it. all of them are aching like hella shittos. make me suffer in agony. hope tmrw gonna be fine.


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