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school ended in th afternoon. had lunch with rizal & ezum. wooo, rmbr? about that fries?? yeh. had it fr free. hahas.

so after school, went to meet zen. and then, went out & slacked until 6, while waiting fr fahmi to reach. and gawd damn, hes late like fr an hr. we already planned to jam today. supposed to be at th jamming studio at 7 and yet hes late. nvm.

he reached at 7pm. we then went to take bus to potong pasir. in th bus, sadly to say, he got disturbed so badly by me & zen. hahaha. kinda irritating actually. but to kill boredom. what to do. hmms, all th way, he was disturbed by us. hahaha. and we're glad that we entertained him somehow. hehe. good =D

reached potong pasir around almost 815 i think. bfore tht, zen did told my bro to check out room space, he said, have. but when we reached, all th room was occupied. thought of going to beat merchant but nvm, lazy. end up, we all went to mcd to have our dinner. had times together. like finally, all of us had dinner together. if not, everytime like fr sure one of us sure be missing. haha.

around 930, we're done. so i made my way home with zen. wooo. and oh yea, bdw, im up fr th iTalent this coming Sat, Feb 6. and im hoping that i can made thru to th semi-final. wish me luck yeah! looking frward fr your support guys.

th fries & rizal. haha

rizal ezum rizal ezooom

farridon, fahmi.

haha, yeh i know, mcd is good. =D

i know u love th drink.. XD

with zen.

laugh laugh, whats so funny??!


ahuh, i made my special order.

he ate my fries, he ate ate ate my fries!

yes i love that. =D


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