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today class started at 8am. and i was late again. nvm. reached at 830. and ezum was absent. =___= she thought it was another tcher class, but not. haha. poor thing. hmms, first class ended like 10am. went to canteen, 1hr full of slacking. until 11am, went back to nxt class. and halfway in th class, i slept. Zz___zZ yeah. terrible isnt it? it ended like 1250. thought of waiting fr zen to come, but since hes gonna be late, so nvm.

i went to drop his sch instead. and while waiting fr him at th bus stop arnd his sch, thought of meeting dear farah, but frgt it. shes going to class. and funny thing was that, she told me, she thinks she met my bf. cos bfore she told me, ystrday my bf told me smtg. and he just thought he might be mistaken. too bad, its not. you're clumsy farah! i think, each time i say, "excuse me" all i'll rmbr is u in my head. ahhaha.

and when zen came, took that damn 30mins just to plan where to go. end up, both went home. i went home to change and have my things done. when im done, and making my way to his place, one thing that surprised me, hes still in th bus on his way home. i asked how come, and he said, overslept. hahahah. funny or what. so waited fr him to get back home awhile and changed. all done, went to town. walked and roam around th citylink mall fr dunno how many times. walking over and over again, at th same place. saw dawn prima ria with herizal along th way. hmm, so end up, i & zen bought food and slacked at fort canning. frm 6+ until 840pm.. woo! i love having private time with you. hahaha. cos i know u craving fr more and more morphine. haha.

was about to go off, but then, i told zen to walk around th fort canning since we're there. so i decided to drop by th Keramat. and yes, we did. i was surprised when zen agreed to go there. hehs. alright, we then went to walk to find th keramat. once we found, i told zen to go walk in th path. omg, this part, so cool. when i and zen was walking th path towards th keramat, th smells, was damn really freaking awesome. its like 10x awesome scent even though its at night. really smells good. we almost reach infront of th keramat but we didnt. we just walk like half way of th path to th keramat. amazing. and i just love th smell!

after that, went home. and bdw, my body aching like hella shittos.

ezum & me.

this tcher, ms sughanda. her class is like fun fair.

bright side of ezum.. XD

yes, i study.


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