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hmms, didnt have much to share about today. generally, i was late fr school. didnt attend morning class. end up i attend fr SW at 230. had my point finger blistered bcos i went to play badminton. damn. SW end at 4. then went up fr nxt class at 415. and till 545, class dismissed. gosh, many things to do this week. practice fr saturday audi, lifeskill proj & tht presentation, yet to get it done by this Feb, 4. shucks. met zen, since he reached my school like earlier today. =D hehe. we went to th canteen, sat there to chill awhile with rizal & ezum. then went off.

i & zen went to drop mcd at ecp. had our dinner there. then slacked at ecp fr awhile until like 8pm, went off home.

alright, thats all.

and th picture down below, was th one during chalet. just got tagged frm efa @ facebook :D

me & efa.

taken by efa or sally. cant rmbr.

smile 1, 2, 3.

zen, me, afiq & wan.

hahaha. this was random.

i loooike this! beside me, sally. infront, efa.

my hair!! grow faster please.


o.O they made special order for me. wooo! =D

thts zen, driving and me, beside him. hard to notice me..

thts zen, & me =D ; last day of chalet.


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