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this really suck big time. im like having so much of hectic days.. everyday, go home, wash up, tidy bed and Zz__zZ. yeah. thts why i have not been online fr long. whats more, i haveta start to takecare of my eyesight. like what bf said, if daily 24/7 otc, ur eyesight can get worst. i agree. because my left side of my eyes are starting to become slightly lil blur. just little. so i needa cut down my otc time.

time has past very fast. even nowadays i rarely blog. im busy with school work, projects. sighs~

now when it comes to update, idk what to update. cos i forgot what happened on th following day.. but i'll try to share if i could rmbr any.

hmm, this picture i rmbr, it was taken on monday. and still have yet to complete our project. ishhh!

taken on wednesday.

and this one was taken today. had car washing service in school.

i looooike this picture! =D

writing a short post. dont wanna to make it long. cos i gtg. hahas. well, takecare all! =D


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