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wow. today sucha great day. its like, i have many to share about. hee. first, i didnt attend morning class. -only pro girl like me can do it \\// alright. then, slacked in th canteen fr awhile and didnt attend SW. had to go somewhere.. until its done, went back to school. met ezum. class ends at 6pm. shucks, we have yet to settle our proj.

the next exciting part, Finally im working! yeh i know. kinda excited about it. cmon, its my first time. i've nver work bfore all in my life. and its like, oh so great. getting to know i got the job. and, whats more, Im working tmrw. wooohh!!!! *dance* not forgetting, thanks to dear besty tasha. muacks! futhermore, im getting to see my bf more and more. even though im working, yet i can still see him, all time. like usual. reason, becaaaaaaause, hes working together with me. how lucky can that be. working together in the same place with bf? yeap. that never gets me any happier to see bf almost all th time. starting at 3pm tmrw. and hes coming 45mins later. woooh! what time end, idk. stup. never ask. when it comes to interview, all qns gone. freak. but nevermind, though, thanks alot to tasha fr answering all my FAQ. hahas.

and now, i felt like, i dnt have time otc that much anymore. and maaaaybe, i wont be blogging/update that often. and this blogskin may stay fr long. like years? i think. yeah. like what bf said, "yes uh, now all your otc season, time, all gonna cut down" tht part i went like, shucks. imagine fr each time i come home, confirm tired. th next thing, get my stuffs done, and off to sleep fr tmrw school. its like, no time jam, no time blog, no time fr hang outs and many more. those frequent activities i used to do. one more thing that i shudnt neglect, my studies. i gotta make myself cope with studies as well. since this is my last year. still have final year exam. idk what its like in life to be plus in working industry. so just yeah \\// all th best to me then. hoping that i could manage all well. but out of all, lucky can meet bf like almost everytime since hes working in the same place as me. pheeeww~ otherwise, i'll be missing him like hella. and missing th time we spent together. atleast this is betta. rather than seeing him, working at different place. im done about working stuffs. if i kept typing, i think, it wont like like dunno how many paragraph will be here..

shall just end here. im sleepy. and gotta get my things done. thanks fr reading my blog. i just haveta say this everytime. bcos, i felt i would just be thankful to anyone who bothers to read every single thing written on each of my post. thank you so much.

down below, pictures of hady playing water bubble. that thang, ezum brought to school. missing those childhood times i guess.. and hady told me this, "take picture, and become Hady Bubble" ahhaha.

blow boy blow~ hahaha

i know u love seeing that bubble, but face maintain. XD

ezum oh ezum, always stress of?


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